Working at Heights Training

There is no way you can live the life you want without working. You have to work to earn some money, which will in turn take care of all your needs and give you the life you want. In as much as working gives you the chance to take care of yourself and your family, it may have a negative side. For instance, a construction worker suffers the risk of injury at work, an accountant may have to work behind a desk for eight hours straight- it is exhausting and a person working at height suffers the risk of an accident at work.

This does not mean that the work they are doing is not worthwhile and they should look for another job. It simply means that we need to find a way to cope with the situation at work and move on. After all, no job has no down sides.

Tests, Certifications and Qualifications for Working at Height 

working on top of a building

Working from heights poses a lot of risks. People working in these places have to be extra careful while carrying out their duties. Before any employee gets a job in such places, they are taken through some kind of working at heights training. Here, the employees are trained on how to handle themselves while working. They go through tower crane training scaffolding courses, scissor lift training, harness training, ladder training, scaffolding training, rope access training, among other things.

Basically, they are taught what to do and what not do while on the job. In most cases, employers train their employees just to fulfill their end of the bargain but for the employee, the workings at height regulations they are given during the course are lifesaving rules. If you, as an employee abide by all the rules you were taught, your life at work would be easy and safe.

In as much as the employer tries his or her best to create the best environment at work, it is upon you as an employee to stick to the rules you were given at the safety harness training and keep yourself and others safe. It is for this reason that you are required to pass certain tests given after your training to be employed.

This is because it is impossible for your boss to check on each of you to make sure that you are all right. It is therefore imperative that you keep a checklist, based on the knowledge gained from your training, to help you abide by all the rules of the work place. For instance, keep a toolbox checklist or even a ladder safety checklist.

This will help you ensure that the ladder or whatever tool you are using to climb up is fit. In addition, it helps you not forget the important staff that you will need while up there. It reduces the instances you will have to climb up and down. Ensure that you have a fall protection so that incase on anything, you are protected.

working off a forklift

Employees will always look out for themselves. As an employer, it is important that you have an assessment plan that will ensure that all your employees are well taken care of. After the training you give them, have risk assessment done. This will help you know what your employees do not know, what they are neglecting and the equipment’s you need to have to make your employees as comfortable as possible.

The secret to making more money in any business is having happy employees. When they are happy, they work to the best of their ability. In this height business, comfort and safety will make everyone happy.

In order to achieve the gross happiness in a construction company where workers are at height there is need to empowered the works with necessary skill to enable them work with courage, confidence and zeal, while ensuring the company is in line with require and safety standards. To do this, workers need to undergo training where they can be certified and qualified as an expert with working at heights.

General Training & Courses for Working at Height

workers on sea rigThere are countless courses and programmers fashioned for training people who work on construction heights. By now, we are all aware when we talk about height we actually mean anything above the first floor of a building. Accidents at this level and above are just detrimental. When it comes to the iconic skyscrapers, any mistake or mismanagement while construction becomes fatal.

This why it is necessary to have the laborers skillfully trained in array of course that empower their activity while working at heights. When there is now room for fun or joking in work. A simple joke or play may cause the life of fellow works men. It is important that every worker should attend so as to ensure that he or she is conversant with the working mode and all site safety measures.

These trainings are also basic training for learning how to manage and control construction equipment or machines like tower cranes, folk lift scissor lifts ladder use training among many. These things may seem simple and common but they need ultimate concentration and compulsory attendance of all site workers. This is because, lack of knowledge may lead to avoidable mistakes.

The benefit aspects of these trainings and qualifications are one needs to pass different test to engage at the height-working environment. There are a lot of crucial trainings with certifications at the end of the course. These are like harness training, ladder training, and scaffold training among others. The fact behind most of these trainings is that they are important and crucial to the activities carried out in the construction sites, nevertheless companies at times may decided not to get the trainings or certification for their companies or workers since some are not mandatory

Health and Physical Test Check

extendable working platformIn all walk of life and professionalism, health is as vital as life, since having poor health mean inability to work or do the day in day out activities. Today health is a mandatory aspect for all companies hiring workers in a high-risk activity like working in height. Insurance companies need to ascertain that there is no chance of significant health complication in any of their new recruited/clients so as to differentiate the type of cover premium a perfectly healthy person will pay from the chronically unhealthy one.

Health becomes more vital since any slight attack while working at the edge of the building may lead to accidental falls and loss of life(s). A full medical check is important for every laborer on any site. This medical test should check up of various vital signs of heart attacks/pressure, asthma, mental illness, among others. At this level, training would enable the workers to take care of their health, to determine and notify the team in case one feels unfit to work. It also give simple work site precautions like ensuring each worker puts on a gas mask to reduce cases of asthma and related diseases.

Training on Equipment Operations Qualifications

There are several equipments or machinery on any construction site. Most of the heavy lifting and transporting, drilling, among other activities are done using heavy machinery. Nevertheless, there is always a great need for a human hand behind every operation of machinery. This among many is the need to have machinery operations expertise on the site at all times.

These gives credit to the need of trainings on various operational courses in working at heights. Working on these heights with equipments like tower crane are machineries that work with precise coordination and very strict control points. Such equipment like cranes and pulleys need trained personnel who will not fumble with controls and cause an accident. Using such machinery not only does it need training but top qualification and tests before getting to work with other groups of professionals.

Understanding the Regulation of Working at Height

extendable working platform workersThe reason why all workers in a site should undergo a full professional training on various angles of their occupations is that, as we humans tend to be first in getting what we want and forgetting the necessary nitty grities on rules and regulation. Training individual workers gives them an opportunity to learn of the many regulations and instruction at a go.

Testing if they have understood the various regulations is also inclusive in the training, helping the new and old workers are cautious of various sign on the walls or an instruction when working. All this brings up professional skilled works who understand the need to follow the rules and regulations in a very high and sensitive manner at all times.

Sometime, regulations need to be understood in form of their meaning and benefits. At a training of the workers on a high construction building, the meaning and understanding of the regulation and instructions are well defined and elaborated for clarity.

Regulations may not only be one sided but two, so as to include the role of the company in ensuring the all the safety measure are in place and the workers taught how to work on a fully equipped safe zone. Some requirement or regulatory requirements are not an option for the construction companies. Some regulation requires that the company abides to them or the local government will halt the work on the site.

Safety precautions are today monitored in most construction companies. The threat has been enforced by the need to insure all workers against accidents. This means, all the height safety precaution, fall protection, ladder safety, are just but areas which the construction company is mandated to check as an assurance that it is compliant with the safety standards for the workers.

Training on Risk Assessment

At any construction site where workers are the highest risk factor. Construction on tall buildings is not just a common thing. There a lot of risk assessment, needed to evaluate chances of having casualties or not in any construction at that height. In transportation business the risk assessment is evaluated to be high also due to the fact that accident on the road happen quite frequently, most of which is caused by “drinking and driving” drivers our exhaustion because of driving for long hours, mechanical failure among others. Training qualified workers covers the aspect of risk assessment where all activities of working at heights are evaluated and precautions derived to counter the risks. T

his general training only requires the workers to “think outside the box” before attempting to conduct one of the sensitive activities in a construction site. One of the common precautionary activities in a high-risk point, is using a rope access. This is a rope tied to the worker like a leash rope, which hold you on to a firm stand when one is going to work over the edge. The rope holds on to the person just in case they slide and fall off. This is just but one of the many risk assessment that can be undertaken before embarking on the intensive construction.

Height safety should be key in every construction. There some facts that most workers should be aware about including working with all safety gears and safety body suits on all the time. It is also common knowledge that one should not just do it for the routine but for the need of safety.

Training On Quick Response to Accident and First Aid

First Aid may seem out of context but it one of the most important tools one needs in any form of construction site where workers are working at heights, but it not. It is one of the most crucial areas, which the training covers since accident in high construction site, never miss. First aid is the first medical procedure you can administer to any victim of an accident if they are not badly wounded.

Sometime all workers need to know of the few basic skills of administering First Aid. The training on various First Aid assistance is wide and covering a broader avenue of different injuries that happen to workers mostly the ones working from heights. This training can enable workers to be the quick response in case of an accident. You may want to check our page on confined spaces training here.