Skills Sprout Vocational Training and Education Guides

Welcome to Skills Sprout home to the best resources and guides for Vocational education. This site provides guides on specific trades, crafts and careers training. You will find all the information required to gain your new skills in whatever it is you decide to do.

Some of the advice covered includes:

Fire Training

fire marshal on bike

Some of the topics covered in fire training include, fire marshal training, fire extinguisher types and fire safety.

We cover the courses and qualifications needed to acquire these essential skills that can lead to careers or promotions within your current role.

Forklift training

forklift worker

Forklifts are an incredibly useful tool, and in many cases are absolutely essential for the transport of goods in storage facilities, warehouses and construction sites. They tend to be fairly simple to operate, especially for people who can drive a car, and they help to lift loads that other readily accessible workplace machine cannot. They are therefore extremely common in a lot of different industries.

Visit our forklift training guide here to find out more.

Confined Spaces Training

Confined space training and jobs, these are jobs that require you to work in tight spaces and have specialized training in dealing with the dangers and hazards that come along with these kinds of jobs. You first must have a tolerance for enclosed space and not be claustrophobic.

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